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What some of our members say....

“You could hear a pin drop or was it cogs turning at Vulture Club this afternoon. That was before the shared pieces were read out and the neighbours complained about the laughter”


" I can't do it, I'm no good, these are my beliefs I've always understood, I'm not worthy, I don't belong, why is it everything I am feels wrong.
This struggle for me has gone on too long, I just want to feel I belong, these are feelings  that stay with me but that's not the way I want to be.
If I stay on this path I know where I'll end... in the nut ward, going round the bend.
For many years I felt life was shite but now there's a tiny glimpse of light, this fucking illness takes the piss but with good people round me I'll get thru this, accept the strokes and take them in don't file them away in the minds garbage bin.
I know I need to stay out of the pub, so I just continue going to Vulture Club, I'll embrace the support and friendship given.
Just writing this my spirits have risen."


“Vulture Club is a fantastic place to be accepted for yourself. It’s full of lovely kind people who are always their to help if needed. It’s helped me since 2014 come out of my shell and bounce back from relapse on more than a couple of occasions.

They encourage people to express themselves through their own opinion. I personally could not see myself anywhere else and looking forward to furthering my own personal development with a bunch of awesome people and watching them also grow their personal development.

I consider everyone there a friend and give the organisation five stars.”

Stan … feeling happy.

"The Vulture club is an excellent friendly, warm hearted group. that cares and supports every member.”


“This is an excellent group of people who do not judge you. They welcome everyone who may need their help. I found such a friendly group, love their support.”


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