VULTURE CLUB A.G.M 2020 A bit delayed because of Covid 19.
Thursday 25th March 6.30pm.

Vulture Club AGM Minutes Friday 20th December 2019

Taken by DJ Secretary 20/12/2019 - Transferred to Word.Doc 6th January 2020

Attendees, William Miller, Maggie Messenger, Lorraine Rudd, Marion McHugh, Marian Muir, Roy Muir, David Judd, Ann Wilson, Annie Wilson, Andrew Beattie, David Cunningham, Antony Lace, Jackie Willman, Wayne Jones, Jaqui Miller, Gillian Smith, Karen McFarlene, Sheila and Robert Cleaver ( late )

Apologies, Carla Arrighi

Marian / Chair opened proceedings.

Marian / Chair read from a document pre prepared.

Acknowledging additional funding efforts

Thanking Funding Group, Facilitators and Admin

5 day a week service running smoothly with new members taking part in sessions.

Members moving into employment.

Acknowledging member trips and additional services / sessions

High Sheriff visit - credit to everybody concerned.

Annie Wilson thanked for the additional sessions and hard work including the play which has culminated in 2 performances to people outside VC. VC performance to come, with bring and share food as always.

Exciting exhibition at The Gather in Ennerdale

MM asked AW for theTreasurers report

AW informed everyone that VC income for this year was an astounding £45,258.23

DJ was thanked for additional work he does outside of VC to bring in donations of £1200.00

Also surprising was the annual expenditure at £36,967.24

Leaving a working balance of £25313.15 !!

AW informed members that before they carried away, we have high rental costs and staff salaries to be taken out of the majority of this sum.

Anthony and William nominated MM to continue in the role as chair - this was unanimously voted in, recognising MM ill health and commitment to VC

Anthony and Maggie nominated AW as Treasurer / Trustee and this was unanimously voted in.

David and Maggie nominated M McH as Trustee and this was unanimously voted in.

William Miller and Maggie Messenger proposed JW as Trustee and this was unanimously voted in.

A new Trustee Jaqui Miller was nominated by David and M McH and this was unanimously voted in.

David and William nominated Carla Arrighi and she was voted in despite her absence and apology.

Maggie and Marian proposed DJ remain in his Secretarial role and Trustee - this was voted in unanimously.


DJ spoke about the great loss of a dear member in Kevin Carr. VC members are still in shock, but VC are supporting the family through both assisting with the exhibition and possibly KC’s assets.


The golden Vultures could not be nominated as this will take place on the night of the final performance of the play.

( addendum - Lorraine and David received the golden Vultures, VC gave thanks to the sculpturist Phillip McHugh )

 Vulture Club is situated in the middle of the West Cumbrian coastal town of Whitehaven. We aim to create a safe relaxed confidential community for members to meet, have fun and grow. We provide an opportunity for individuals to experience the personal benefits of taking part in the use of creative arts and in particular  in relation to how this can help individuals to develop and grow.   

Here is a sample of some of  the creative work our members do.
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